Drupal Crafters Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2!

It's been a while since I have had some time to update the server, but I made some time tonight to update the server from 1.4.5 to 1.5.2, the latest version of Minecraft. 1.5.2 includes the Redstone Update, which adds some really cool new functionality to the game in regards to Redstone. We are still using the Spigot high performance Craftbukkit fork, which has been giving us better performance and additional settings in our server config for more customization.You can go ahead and remake the Redstone Museum Rupl :)

Drupal Crafters Upgraded to 1.4.5

We are now up to date with the latest version of Minecraft, version 1.4.5. The 1.4.x version of Minecraft adds even more cool new features such as beacons, flower pots, and item frames.  Beacons can be see for very long distances, including unloaded chunks! Flower pots can be used as a new decoration and can hold flowers and mushrooms. Item frames can be used to display items in frames on blocks. Overall there is a lot of new stuff to play around with including some new redstone elements and arrow detecting switches!

Vote for Drupal Crafters!

I am in the process of testing out a few things that might lead to an in-game economy. The main component is a mod called Votifier. It's a mod that hooks into Minecraft Server voting sites like Minecraftservers.net, Minestatus.net, and more. I added Drupal Crafters Minecraft server to a few of the lists with a banner I made up to promote the server.

Grief Protection Mod Now Enabled!

We have been playing the last few weeks with a Whitelist, which requires that any new players get added to the list to join. This has somewhat slowed the growth of the server we think, so we are trying something new. The Grief Prevention mod is a mod that we have been testing for the past few weeks on other server in preperation for testing on Drupalcrafters. This evening it was enabled, so here is what you can do to start claiming your creations.


Drupalcrafters is back!

We have fixed the issues we were having with grievers and thieves by enabling Whitelist. You now must be on the whitelist to join the server. We will have a whitelist request form online soon. We have added most of the players we know are legit and have done some cool upgrades to the server while we were at it. Check out the cool new features after the break.

1.0 upgrade

We've made the upgrade to 1.0 on the server.

We've two villages fairly close to eachother that Todd and I have been doing a little work on. You can find the main one at these coordinates:

x: -362
z: -375


You can join us! Just start up Minecraft, go to multiplayer, click 'Add Server' and use minecraft.fourkitchens.com for the server address.